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“My son died of alcoholism. Addiction is a tragedy. Together we can cure it!”

– Gene Barduson

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My family has a long history of addiction. I have never experienced addiction personally, I have only seen it through the media.

But that all changed when I was 16, when my sister was home from college. It was the first time I saw her problem, I remember her screaming and resisting the police when they took her out of our house, and I remember her missing my birthday a year later, and so on and so forth. I am now 21 and every so few months or so she would break down and each time it got worse and worse. She would normally do drugs and then have mental breakdowns and when she tried to get clean she would relapse and have withdrawals.

The scariest thing I ever had to experience was when she overdosed on fentanyl and I had to do CPR with my dad to revive her and just a few months later she got in a car accident where she almost died and lost her leg this time because of alcohol.

I told her I didn't wanna be around her and did not like seeing her this way. Addiction is something you never want to see a loved one in. I thought everything I said or did wouldn't help her and I was unsure of myself at times, but I never lost hope.

I told my sister that "you have to want the help, we can give you all the resources but you have to want to change".

I am here to say that you can get out of addiction and live a fulfilling life. My sister has had to start basically from scratch. After her accident she was in a wheelchair for 6 months and just now started to walk almost a year later. I am so thankful and happy that she is doing better and wants to change because it makes me happy. I have never been happier to see my sister when she was able to make it to my mom's birthday.

Addiction is a difficult thing to experience personally and can be a fight to stay positive and have faith when all seems lost. But I believed my sister could come out of it. I tell her it's a learning experience and now she can tell her story and help others who have similar experiences. Do not lose faith in your loved ones because if you give up it is saving them becomes all the more challenging to do.
Affected by Addiction
I’ve seen addiction firsthand with my friends and families, and have lost good friends, and seen a few family members recover. 

Alcoholism runs in my family, and I’ve tried to steer away from heavy drinkers because of the problems I’ve seen. It’s been a challenging thing to do because I’m in college and it’s taken a lot to remember my upbringings and why I think many overlooks drinking because it’s considered legal. 

It blocks so many doors, and opportunities for yourself. I believe that their needs to be a lot more research on addiction not just alcoholism, because so many people lose the opportunity to further themselves because of an addiction or problem they didn’t recognize. It’s very hard to recognize your own problems, and sometimes requires people leaving your life, either figuratively or before you realize the harm these addictions can do to the people around you, and the addicted. 

I truly hope more research comes to pass as my own family members had horrible experiences in rehab only meeting prior addicted and then falling back into the same pattern with another person they met through rehab. It’s an extremely hard thing to overcome, and I hope more research and time goes into understanding why our brains are so hardwired to certain chemicals, or patterns of behavior, and how to break those habits, and addictions so they can live a healthy life where they truly make their own choices.
Affected by Addiction

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