Funding the Next Breakthroughs

to cure the disease of addiction.

Imagine watching a 747 crash and burn every day.

That’s the number of deaths every day from alcohol and drug abuse.

Addiction affects 10x as many people
as those with cancer or heart disease

but research for those diseases is funded 5X more.

2 of every 3 people in the US are
affected by the disease of addiction.

We all know someone or are someone who struggles with this disease. It’s time to change that.

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Welcome to the Addiction Research Institute

Our funding philosophy is simple, while others work to tackle important aspects like reducing stigma and building communities of support, the Addiction Research Institute’s (ARI’s) SOLE focus is on funding research to cure the disease of addiction.

Shockingly, there is no significant private funding to advance treatment and cures for alcohol and drug addiction. As a result, the disease is running rampant and with currently available treatment options, there is only a 2% chance of remission from this disease. 

We are here to fuel more breakthroughs...

Our Vision

Our Vision is to dramatically improve the lives of all those afflicted with alcohol and drug addiction, and the lives of their families, by funding profound breakthroughs that cure addiction.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."​

- William James

Join the movement to END addiction…

Addiction Data

Explore the most recent data on the impact of addiction on families in the United States.

A Case for Support

Download our case for support and help launch ARI’s commitment to treating this disease.